Become a “PSI-walker”.

Let’s not forget that we are human beings!
Let’s start the journey and find ourselves again.

When humanity regains space, egoism has no chance!
The well-being of everyone goes before the well-being of single persons.
A “PSI-walker” stands for the own transformation of consciousness
to escape the dominations of ego.

Become a “PSI-walker” to emerge as a self-determined soul!

The PSI-walker community was founded to give humans worldwide the opportunity to go along with the intention of “Stormy”. “Stormy”, the symbolic soul traveller, who in stormy times manages to convey a message worldwide, which arrives where the HUMAN BEING is at home. This home, where egomania no longer occupies a place, can only be created through a collective transformation of consciousness!

When one ideologically joins the PSI-walker community then one is willing to develop into an independent thinker, instead of continuing to sit on the dead limb of the respective prevailing consciousness as an adapted system caretaker and waiting for the collective hammer to fall. We, the adults of today, are responsible for leaving a healthy spiritual heritage to our descendants. This task of soul development is NOW to perceive!

Follow “Stormy” and get rid of the weapons of defeat …

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Something to think about …

How should anything change here when humans are always ignoring their soul impulses and are so stuck in their superficiality? What needs to happen that humans recognize their true task in life and to perceive it with humility?

Although society is flooded with negative news every day, no one applies a lot of effort to question: “Why is that? Why does it happen? Why and how does morality become more and more decadent?

In this way, a human simply does not get to the bottom!

Instead of devoting oneself with anticipation to the own transformation of consciousness and experiencing the result of soul development, one prefers to live rotten compromises and is afraid of change. In one’s own subjective inner distress (out of a feeling of disappointment) one begins to mock life and struggle with life.

We invite you ALL to indulge in a moment of reflection and question yourself:
  • What do I have to understand?
  • What is to recognize?
  • How can I develop myself?
  • Where do I not take my self-responsibility seriously enough?
  • Do I give my soul the chance to grow every day?

Read and learn more about it in the HAPPY-FUTURE-POSTULATE with the title:
“ESCAPE or The Necessity of a New Matrix of Consciousness”.