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HELLO … WAKE UP … before the clock stops ticking!


Have you never asked yourself what is responsible for the fact that our shining eyes, our smile on the face, and last, but not least our basic trust in life as well as in people simply disappears?

What remains of our carefree being – our spiritual gift, where looks say more than words can ever touch? What makes us dull on our journey? When have we lost it, the universal (human) love?

Believe me, in order to shape one’s own life out of universal love, it is not necessary to become or be a so-called drop-out, odd person or anything else. Rather, it is a matter of questioning the adults who do not orient their lives according to this frequency of cosmic energy!

What happens in these minds, which allow not to act in the responsibility of a healthy collective togetherness, but make actions and decisions that serve self-interests of an egoistic nature? What kind of body of thought is it that generates polarization again and again, inside as well as outside?

Because no matter in which context one thinks and feels, it always comes down to one thing: old against young, teacher against pupil, political nature: red against black, left against right, federation against states, men versus women, etc.

No matter how or by what means people have stood up for something in their history, it has never led to a lasting positive rethinking. Rather, one always achieved in the result: loser vs. winner

But as simple as it is suggested to us, for example in sports (in the sense of a fair loser), this cannot be applied to humans. Because what happens in everyday life? How do we live together under these conditions of a spiritual nature?

It is mostly characterized by conflicts or misunderstandings and generates permanent pressure.
If you look into the eyes of people, you will hardly find the splendour of „being fulfilled“. From time to time one enjoys the short moment of events (like holidays, etc.) before the feeling of emptiness or fear turns back.

We who strive for the initiation of a new collective body of thought are often confronted with unbelieving glances. It is noticeable and recognizable that many people are fully aware that under the prevailing conditions the „hammer will and must fall“ at some point. But the deep-seated stamp of the imprinting makes it difficult for the one or the other to see things in another (larger) context and to look beyond the horizon.

Although nature exemplifies it in a colourful spectacle every year that only the constant change (transformation) helps to produce something blooming and fruitful again – it is very difficult for humans to be moved to devote themselves to the spiritual flow of their own transformation of consciousness.

When you look at history worldwide, a mistake in thinking like a blind spot runs through all frequencies of consciousness. As a result, it is a global collective PSI phenomenon that has become a dead branch for humanity.

If you have the desire to move on fertile soil of a spiritual nature, then these blog series can help you to free yourself step by step from negative patterns of imprinting.

In the first step, you must recognize that feeling and thinking leave behind PSI traces (spiritual energetic traces) and structure themselves subtly. The basic evil in the ruling matrix of consciousness is the ignorance of the functionality of the determining forces of mental and emotional storages.

We tell you: If you get lost once in your life, react exaggeratedly, make a mistake, etc., then you always need the explanation about causality! What became and becomes the determining, driving force? Check your prevailing world of thoughts and your resulting resonance behaviour. How did your views about things, people, etc., were developed?

At this point, I am already giving you a decisive hint: Very few people are aware that all accompanying ideas in life also come from the subtle level.

You probably grew up in an environment where nobody told you anything about the cause-effect principle. Nobody has made you understand that it is important to talk about everything that concerns you in your innermost being. Nobody who enlightened you about the effects of reservations and explained where unresolved internal (subliminal) conflicts (like unexpressed grievances, disappointments, etc.) can lead to.

As a child, for example, I often missed a corresponding explanation as to why it was a „no“ in various things. Why one point of view was presented more correctly than the other. Regulations or prohibitions were established which I could not understand. On the contrary, I often felt misunderstood, and not taken seriously in my world. A dominant influence was exerted on me and the (subjective) feeling arose that nobody was really interested in my feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

I felt at the mercy of the school system and of some teachers. I didn’t (and still don’t) understand why there had to be a grading system in creative subjects such as drawing, works, handicrafts, etc. according to grades. Why doesn’t diligence, motivation or commitment count here? I was not supported in what I was good at. It demotivated me to be constantly presented as a „failure“ in the rating system. My own kind of creativity and access to the implementation have then denied me because I did not fit into the „format“ (I did not match the usual norm). As a child, I did not know how to help myself and suffered. I questioned myself and became suspicious of my fellow humans.

Today I make people aware that no one has to suffer like that anymore. If, for example, a twelve-year-old child has sleepless nights and so many fears because the daily pressure is so high, the potential of the child should not be questioned, but rather the system of school and education!

How do you feel when you read this? What do you feel when you look back and reflect on your own story?

Many people visit our practice who are disappointed by the processes of life. Self-esteem problems, feelings of inferiority, emotional hurt, etc., have become the foundation of their lives.

Before we go into the details of understanding and grasping the functionality of existing emotional and mental memories, it is important that you realize that the subtle mechanisms are the determining factors in life.

It is fatal if one continues to simply surrender oneself to a consciousness that follows the principle: Everything that cannot be seen is considered insignificant.

Consciousness creates frequency!

Not only mentally, but also psi-energetically. It means that the level of sensation always plays a decisive role and whether it is predominantly positive or negative

We must focus our attention on our vital energy!
That is exactly the pure energy that feeds us during the first weeks and months of life. It makes us feel so radiant and heart-warming.

The Cosmic Soul Energy (PSI-Energy)!

Every human being has a PSI channel and through it, the human being is a transmitter and receiver. It is a fact that we humans leave traces – not only of a physical nature but also of our spiritual existence.

It is in our human responsibility – in your hands – what kind of traces (energetic nature) we/you leave behind! You get answers from us how healthy subliminal conditions can be created so that children can become balanced and resilient adults.

Are you already a „product“ of the prevailing negative circumstances? Then follow us on this path! It shows you how formative experiences from traumatized childhood or strokes of fate can be overcome.

Anyone who becomes aware of this and is willing to look at what has slipped on their life’s journey is invited to continue to accompany us on this blog to learn to understand the connections between seemingly external reality and inner spiritual processes.

To be continued …