HELLO ... WAKE UP ... Part 4: What is the matter with us HUMANS?


Hello … WAKE UP … before the clock stops ticking!


We see wars, undergo internal and external conflicts on a daily basis, in addition, numerous widespread diseases shape our social image, etc. But we remain motionless!

What is the matter with us HUMANS?

By what powers and forces of energetic nature do you become driven? Do you like to know that? You experience compulsion and inner distress, and you still refuse to question your pathological ideas?

One is certain: A healthy mind, which is aligned towards harmony, would never destroy the own planet out of greed or hold others in checkmate. A consciousness, which is shaped according to the laws of cause and effect, leads to the fact that problems of all kinds can be exposed.

In recognizing the causes, we humans, therefore, have it in our own hands to work on our learning topics: To transform everything destructive into constructive.

We thereby create a new level of consciousness. These objectified models of thought and behaviour are free of shadow parts*, and lead our actions to rewarding taking and giving.

Business, as usual, is no longer an option!

You will not find the answers and solutions in the predominant matrix of consciousness! Not for your singular problems and certainly not for the worldly. In many dogmas of faith, people usually turn to their soul only when life comes to an end. „The soul goes to heaven! It was a redemption for the poor soul!” etc.

But why don’t you pay attention to your soul IN LIFETIME!

Consciously or unconsciously you let your soul wither or grow lonely … and some of you even commit betrayal of the soul! Contrary to all wisdom that the soul is sick, let it be said to you: Your soul fights, by all means, to make you awake, alert, sensitive.

Your soul is the key to everything! To live in soul balance, and to interact with the environment, that is the mission of every human being! Each individual person may examine his/her own consciousness, the world of thoughts and sensations until one can live and experience his/her true core of being free of judgment, independent of resonance and self-determined!

Follow this mission and all problems – even those that seem hopeless – can be solved!

What do you need to do?

If necessary, get off your high horse (of immoderation and self-righteousness) and turn to the ESSENTIAL that means giving green light to your human development (to become and remain human)!

It is necessary to investigate all possible deformations of personality (negative traits, crooked thoughts, etc.) And let me tell you: EVERYONE has enough potential to grow.

Symbolically speaking: We are born naked in order to find the naked truth (there is nothing more to whitewash here). The impulse of karma shapes life. This is not a question of faith. It is a fact of the level of resonance. All living things are subject to this level (externally determined vs. self-determined).

PSI-research deals with mechanisms of the subtle level (PSI energy). Instruments of PSI-research are ESP (extrasensory perception) and psychokinesis. By means of the ESP, psi and bioenergetic triggers of the concerning problems can be detected, and their properties can be explained and thereby changed sustainably.

All unspoken, suppressed, and repressed things burden our own PSI energy. The predominant consciousness knows no healthy recipe in dealing with subjectively felt inner distress from constraints, disappointments, defeats, etc. Literally to get stuck in the mud of the ruling mental frequency because its path of association runs into the search for guilt!

Since time immemorial, humans have been shaped and infiltrated with these frequencies of consciousness from incorrectly imprinted ego factors, negative shadow energies, etc.

Instead of finding and correcting the cause of any effect, the human being goes on the trail of guilt and reacts and acts as such (victim vs. perpetrator). Contrary to your previous idea that there is nothing else to think but black and white, you can now revise this conviction! There are possibilities and ways to break out of this forced corset!

Be ready for your personal transformation of consciousness and learn to classify yourself into the cosmic structure of cause & effect.

Ill thoughts make ill – healthy thoughts promote your development and your soul salvation.

Work on that and find the respective causes of your superficial indisposition.

To be continued …