Hello … WAKE UP … before the clock stops ticking!


Simply to think about – why it is important to initiate a new consciousness!

With this topic, we dive completely into the world of parapsychological phenomena. Although you may never have dealt with parapsychology before, you are still a product of many subtle mechanisms. Your thinking and feeling leave more traces than you are aware of (until now).

The more attentively you go through life, the more you will become aware that the determining and driving forces in life are the subtle mechanisms. But take the time you need to objectify limited views of the subtle plane.

Unfortunately, many people are still mistaken in believing that everything that cannot be seen is considered insignificant.

In the days and weeks to come, check for yourself how far things – thoughts and feelings (!) – which you cannot see – anyway play a decisive role in life. Be honest with yourself!

I have met many types of people on my journeys. Some who have achieved everything professionally and made themselves financially independent. And among the noble alleys and cities, I have also searched and met people who have come to the edge of society through strokes of fate, in whatever form. For example, from the very beginning, they could not find a connection in the system because of their otherness (in the sense: appearing or thinking differently, etc.), although they are or would be potentially well positioned.

In my encounters and conversations with all of them, I was able to realize again and again how important it is to operate as a HUMAN without mental reservations (as a free spirit), and not to be taken in by the outward appearance, where the predominant rating system suggests what is good and  bad, what counts more or less.

To create togetherness, it is important to always perceive the human being behind each encounter.
And believe me, in most encounters (whether materially poor or rich people) the soul always screams! Deep inside in the human core, there was always emotional pain from unprocessed impressions and experiences, mostly of an early childhood nature.

Humans often have no chance to unfold their spiritual nature because they get stuck in restlessness, compulsions, expectations, schemata, etc. A wise man once said to me: „The greatest mistake you can make in your life is to be born as a human being and to pass away as a person“.

A few years later, and after some insightful experiences, I knew what he meant by that.
The task that we humans are given is the following: to develop our qualities of the soul!

It’s always about the question:

What is the real driving force (motive) of my thoughts and actions? On what foundation do I place my future-oriented intentions?

Maybe what I tell you now will frighten you, or maybe it will finally give you the clarity that you can understand yourself better:

Computer language would put it this way: your computer hard drive contains serious viruses. A programming error leads to the fact that complete data sets are limited in their function mode and/or become in the long term unusable. In order to use the program in its full functionality, the computer must be reinstalled.

This example illustrates the appearance of our predominant world of thought and behaviour. The foundation from which you draw in the prevailing matrix of consciousness lives and is shaped by the adopted views of life and mindsets of our ancestors. One generation has an imprinting effect on the next generation.

But have you ever consciously looked: Who and what has a formative effect? How does it have an imprinting character? Are and were these people so highly developed that their spirit is and was free of any ghosts from the past? Can and could these people really have a formative effect in such a way that the next generation (you & me) is not hindered by any rating factors in interpersonal relationships?

No, they could not and cannot (yet), because they themselves were and are not correctly imprinted humans!

As long as humans somehow always end up in inner distress (helplessness, anger, etc.), it clearly shows that they are still trapped in an underexposed consciousness because the knowledge about the subtle mechanisms is missing. And in the course of this one is autonomously and involuntarily at the mercy of the energetic processes. As a result, the history of power and seizure of power repeats itself not only in the small sphere but also in the large one.

And although the events clearly show us that the taken paths have never led to lasting happiness, health, and well-being, we always trust naively the structures that have never (yet) proven themselves.

It is thought and felt – again and again – in the same thought and behaviour patterns. Nothing has changed in the interpersonal behaviour itself.

Our mindset still creates images of the enemy in our heads!

We humans have still not learned to take responsibility for our feelings. We still react disappointed, hurt, frustrated, etc. The predominant matrix of consciousness, according to which we orient and align ourselves, does not create harmony, but disharmony in the long run.

Therefore, we are striving to create a new consciousness that is oriented towards the factors of maximum development of fairness and harmony. For this purpose, it is necessary to learn to objectify prevailing views about separating, polarizing ways of thinking, behaving, and patterns of action step by step.

To be continued …