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HELLO … WAKE UP … before the clock stops ticking!

Do you feel lost, alone and abandoned in this world? You have the feeling and the fear, that we only move in circles, if we continue to naively trust in the same body of thought that led us into that global disaster?!

Yes, your fear is right.

The current body of thought becomes a dead branch for humanity if we don’t rethink!

HELLO … WAKE UP … before the clock stops ticking!

But how can we defuse ideas:

  • which put humans on the margins of society, and thereby human’s potential is underestimated
  • that make people sick and lonely because greed and abuse of power prevail
  • where none of those responsible holds the protective hand over our earth, and where human, animal and environment are exploited and destroyed with open eyes and pure ruthlessness?!

This is the call to all who are grieved and disappointed by life:

Don’t get carried away into resigning or doing ill-considered things out of anger. Aggression that only aims at destruction harms yourself and others. Violence itself is not a solution, but only an accelerant for even more disaster!

We tell you:

One cannot change systems with violence, but only with consciousness!

We, the TEAM of HAPPY FUTURE, are a scientifically oriented project group. Thanks to parapsychological research on causes, the root of the evil is recognized and thus changeable!

We convey a message to YOU that helps to find the exit from this predominant disease-causing matrix of consciousness! We give the answers and provide the explanations to free oneself from the dominant matrix of consciousness!

You’re not alone!

We take you on a journey to a new era of consciousness!

Follow us in the next weeks and months on www.happy-future-psy-care.at and you’ll learn more about: what to pay attention to, and what to take care of, that we continue to exist as a HUMAN on this earth.

We are looking forward to you!


To be continued …

PS: You can also find this blog post as a VIDEO on our HAPPY-FUTURE-CHANNEL on YouTube!